What's new in Sybel

RRI (Relative Retention Index) Computation Software

RRI computation software is developed exclusively for Research Institute and Analytical Labs


  • Easy and quick calculation of Relative Retention Index
  • Can be used as a database for medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Easy searchable options by plant name, or code
  • Create reports quickly and easily
  • Accessibility for hardcopy of the data
  • Protection of the data from unauthorized access

   Sybel's RRI soft Screen Shots

   Parameter Application

  • Calculate RRI value from the Retention Time of GC MS spectral data
  • Hydrocarbon data for calculating RRI can be changed if needed
  • Compound details and molecular formula can be updated

   Prediction of Result :The results predicted in tabulated format


  • User friendly
  • Result Accuracy
  • Time saver
  • Easy back reference

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