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Hospital Management System (HMS) (An electronic Management)

Sybel Micro Solutions delivers technology-that provides a Hospital or a Nursing Home would require to very precise and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. Hospitals spend lots of money in acquiring and maintaining Hospital Management software. There are very few off the shelf Hospital Management software packages available in the market. Even those packages don't cater for all the areas. Lot of Hospitals try to buy best of breed solution for each area.We are developing this revolutionary products very accurate in its approach and suit all environments including large, medium or small venture. The crucial points that emphasis on are listed in the following paragraphs which in turn justify your purchase.

  • You will require less number of Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less. You would have the choice to re-deploy them at other suitable locations.
  • Hospital Management System not only provides an opportunity to the hospital to enhance their patient care but also can increase the profitability of the organization.
  • This would enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information.
  • The senior Doctors would spend his precious time more in clinical activities than to put in clerical activities otherwise.This software interface would also save them a lot of time for special jobs only.
  • Very important for some, the reduced cost of the manpower would pay for the cost of this product with in a short time after its implementation.
We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every successful firm. We demand 100% satisfaction when we are the customer. And we expect nothing less from ourselves when the tables are turned. Collectively, we constantly monitor the progress of our organization through a stringent screening process. This high level of internal evaluation allows us to guarantee you and your company's complete satisfaction.
Chemical Industry software solutions

Sybel Micro Solutions provides powerful and flexible manufacturing, chemical userfriendly management software solutions that support recipe management and efficient demand planning - making it the ideal system to help your Chemical company meet industry challenges. A web-based interface lets staff in diverse locations access the same system. And automated calendar-driven or data-driven notification e-mails track potential compliance deviations so that they can be averted.

Software can help you respond effectively to the environmental management challenges your company faces, letting you maximize operational efficiency while easing all your efforts, and Responsible Care compliance. By automating your environmental information management, the software helps you achieve better environmental performance with maximum efficiency.A simple and user-friendly interface makes the software accessible to end-users. Web-based reporting makes it easy for facility and corporate staff to track compliance task status.
Benefits :

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability by centralizing and integrating all quality processes
  • We provides logging, managing and reporting deviations, customer complaints, supplier quality, internal and external audits, investigations, change control, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), preventive maintenance and calibration, training management, document management and other processes.
  • We trackWise helps chemical companies to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Sybel Micro Solutions offers quality and reliable Softwares and Support you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to provide any answers you may have about our company or our services.

Catering Management Software

Sybel Micro Solutions has introduced a new approach to pricing by making professional software more accessible to the Catering industry. Through out low-cost initialization fees, anyone is now able to easily implement an automated Catering solution, gaining instant benefit to your operation.

This software is ideal solution for all kind of property. Main features include: Quick check-in/out, hotel status from the main menu, Direct billing, Expense management, Transaction management with insert, delete and edit features, back up and resort of data, importing and exporting of guest data and many more.
Highlights :
  • A complete solution that supports multiple menus & pricing options.
  • Categorize & assign non-menu event items such as beverages, rentals, delivery and floral.
  • Fast in implementation and easy to learn and smooth in operation. Our customers can increase their profit and maximized control over their business in just few weeks.
  • Stay up to date on trends and innovations in the restaurant industry. Navigating the rapidly changing restaurant industry.

Your service alone are not enough to turn your business into a thriving one. To organize your business in a better way you need the help of catering software programs.There comes the importance of We constantly monitor the progress of our organization through a stringent screening process. This high level of internal evaluation allows us to guarantee you and your company's complete satisfaction.
Apparel Software solutions

Sybel Micro Solutions is one of the finest software companies providing ERP Software for the Apparel Industry.We base our reputation for success and customer satisfaction on our consultative approach. Through this approach, we help our apparel clients achieve maximum value for their investments through better understanding of their requirements and implement software, technologies, disciplines and process that quickly place their business on the fast track.

We understand that ERP Software for the Apparel Industry is more complex to build than an ERP for other industries. The Apparel Industry probably has the maximum number of variables in orders, items, events to be tracked etc.

Sybel Micro solutions features sophisticated sales entry and tracking tools, including automated linking to customer terms, instructions, pricing levels and shipment priority. Backorders are automatically tracked. Multilevel commission tracking, partial shipments and discounts are fully supported. Order production status can be tracked with a high degree of detail throughout all stages of WIP, with due dates visible for each linked Customer Order.

Sybel Micro solutions features more modules, more power and can help you become more effective in keeping your business competitive.